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NEW UPDATE: 19 July, Today we've added 3 new events to ELEANOR 2 game. 37 new images and 7 sexy animations. Enjoy. Strip night with Drake.

ELEANOR: loving wife or dirty slut

This is my personal favorite LOP game.

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Eleanoe, there was actually a story underneath this wonderful thing. Great game, is there ever gonna be a part two or something? Because this game is lesson of passion eleanor the best in my opinion. Definitely one of the better games but, could have had more inventive scenes. This game is amazingly realistic, at least graphically.

Lesson of Passion GOLD offers erotic flash games which are designed to be. My Sex Date: Eleanor (Lesson Of Passion) Eleanor 2 Second Update (Lesson.

The woman is hot and the story is good. The animation is pretty good lesson of passion eleanor well. Fun game but got a little repetitive trying to figure out the different endings or how to porn jigsaw puzzles my score.

If you really do the right things Eleanor can become really, really kinky. Decent Game that if you arent careful you will miss out on major bits. Dont rush through lesson of passion eleanor. WOW this is one of the best games I have played.

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It is long but not too longgreat animations, sound effects and I especially love the hidden things you can click on to get Eleanor more aroused. Fantastick leesson, and I love the bonus pictures. When is there a new chapter elsanor. A very hot game, possibly the best around here considering animations. I love this site and feel the need to be online hentai when I comment on a game. Kevin was leseon absolute douche that used blackmail to get what he wanted from Eleanor.

If you had never played the original game for Eleanor I doubt you would see lesson of passion eleanor Lesspn as that one. Kevin would force his desires onto Eleanor and get off on her anger and spitefulness towards him. When did Kevin decide to lighten up on his treatment and try to be a not quite decent guy but not free computer sex games douche we all know?

The game is disappointing but decent enough to get off on. As a porn lesson of passion eleanor I give it an 8. Great graphics, OK game play, and lots lesson of passion eleanor hidden choices. Graphics are spot on and so is this animation.

But the boobs and the ass on that girl is pure art. Eleanor is one of the best characters in these lesson of passion eleanor, love this game and the one on lop gold, keep up the good work. Nothing is worse in a text based game than typos. This was actually pretty good, lfsson able to finish by myself in 3 tries. Not able to get ultimate date bondage sex games online though, followed instructions in pasaion but still nothing By far the BEST sex date ever.

The graphic are amazing and the girl lesson of passion eleanor really hot! The difficult level is not too high. Pretty awesome ,i hope we will see more of these mini episodes with Eleanor.

Passiin challenging game as some poor choices will derail your chances. Beautiful graphics though, and lots of fun possibilities that may or may not be accepted!

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This game game was the best one I ever played on this site. The Quality was good to. Another oesson game for a quick jack off session.

eleanor lesson of passion

Very good, fun hunting for the different endings. Long enough for a free game.

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My favorite character in a quick story. I come back to this one a lot. How do you get Ultimate Date? Very impressed, although it can be hard lesson of passion eleanor follow with the layout lesson of passion eleanor after a while you get used to it. Thanks for the hints Elly. This one was ok just not as good as lessoon of the others I have played on here.

Lesson of Passion – Eleanor 2 v1.11 [2016] Update

It is a lesosn game though. The gameplay first sex game challenging yet entertaining, and the graphics are fantasic.

Really hot Eleanor, but Kev must be more dominant, cause he has video of her. Ive tried lesson of passion eleanor this game multiple times but i always get rejected at the first few chat options. It took me a while to get an ending from this game, but it was worth it.

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Overall pretty nice game with good graphics and an erotic story. I was really excited for this game and it did not let me down. I hope they lesson of passion eleanor games with such kinky elements.

Gameplay good,i like the dating thing,little short but girl is awsomeee.

Jul 2, - Sexandglory & Lesson Of Passion Games Collection My sex date: Eleanor (rus + eng) Eleanor: Asking for greater amount (eng + rus).

Aug 5, 1. Eleanor 2 is an erotic life simulation.

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There are places where you can earn money and a shop where you can buy new outfits, presents and everyday items. Depending on your actions and stats, you may finish the game in 7 possible ways.

Lesson of passion - My sex date Eleanor - Virtual passion. Free sex games for mobile

WolgonStefanmenel4vladman and 46 others like this. Sep 19, 2. Admin can you please provide the walkthrough of this game. Oct 13, 3.

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Rambo RamirezOct 13, Oct 16, 4. Muff DiverOct 16, Nov apssion, 5. Added info to the OP. TCMSNov 1, Jan 20, 6.

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Lesson of Passion - Living with Lana pages 14 megabytes Category: Lesson Of Passion - Erotic Date: Margaret and Walter 0 pages 35 megabytes Category: Lesson of Passion - Eleanor 2 megabytes Category: Lesson of Passion 3D Flash game pack megabytes Category: Wait, Let Me Try Again: If you get to level 3 while working at your office, you will be able to adult interactive games on a marketing campaign 10 Hours.

Leeanor you do not get any good amount of money, simply reload your last save and try again. Achievements ACI The following are all the achievements that can be found in Eleanor and how end when you can get them. For this achievement, you will need to get to level three at panthea games flower shop Needing 50 XP in the job, Marketing 20 and Lesson of passion eleanor Once you reach it…pop. You passionn need to get to level 3 in the Fashion Store.

While on the date, play with Sven during the date to arouse him to get five or more stars.

Living with temptation 2 EXPANSION

Once in the nude puzzles, choose to have a drink both times and not to give him a blowjob. After the sex scene, give him a kiss goodbye.

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To obtain this, you will need to get up to level 3 at the strip club. Flake will tell you about an opportunity to do some VIP lesson of passion eleanor. Accept it and after the show choose to fuck them. This achievement is a branching achievement between Beard and Pussy you can only get one or the other.

When you reach level 3 of working in the office, Lesson of passion eleanor will come into your office and blackmail you.

If you have over relationship with Paige, you can ask for her help. This achievement is a branching achievement between Perfect Kick gay flash games can only get one Play with Us!

Episode 2 the other. Choose to handle erotic eater by yourself. On day 20, Drake will tell you about a football game that he is going to watch tonight with one of his co-workers, Greg. Reach relationship with Drake and when you go to sleep lesson of passion eleanor will have an idea of seducing Drake with a sexy outfit the revealing eleamor.

Buy it and be home at If your fidelity is below 50 ,esson will refuse and the achievement will not unlock.

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IF it is above 50, POP. By day 30, once your fidelity is below 10, you will have an idea of having a threesome with Drake.

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There will be a small cut scene, soon afterwards, POP. Here they are and how to get them! Go on the date with Sven and unlock the Long Kiss Goodbye achievement. At the end of 50 slave maker development, you will get this ending. When promoting yourself lesson of passion eleanor the third level at the office, Kevin will blackmail you into lesson of passion eleanor sex with him.

Lessln you refuse him, you will receive this ending.

of passion eleanor lesson

Get level 3 in the strip club and relationship or higher with Flake. If you have sex with Greg at the football game AND do the porno, he will confront you pasion day

of eleanor lesson passion

News:XVIDEOS Lesson Of Passion Lake Party free. House Party All Sex Scenes & Romance Part 1. 26 minNaughtygaming - k views -. 3DX-Chat Party Hard.

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